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TERMS of BUSINESS – Dream Internship 


Please fill in this ToB Form to confirm that you have read and understood these Terms of Business.


We would love to find you interns!

  1. Internships are from 3-6 months – up to you
  2. Interns can be there full or part time – depending on what works best for you.
  3. Invest $200 to post a position, and $200 for each person we place with you.
  4. Please fill in this job description form– brief is fine.
  5. Please fill in our TOB form here (to know we are clear).
  1. Definitions
  2. Acceptance
  3. Fees
  4. Guarantee
  5. References
  6. Liability
  7. Company’s responsibility
  8. Confidentiality
  9. Legalities


  1. Definitions 


1.1. The Intern: means the person undertaking an Internship.

1.2. The Host Company: means the Company where the Intern is undertaking an Internship.

1.3. Dream Internship: means the Internship placement agency that placed the Intern with the Host Company.

1.4. The Offer/Confirmation Letter: means the online email form including Internship terms and details of The Intern and The Host Company.

1.5. An Internship is a learning period where an Intern undertakes training within a host company with the aim of developing mutually beneficial goals. The only way an Internship can be un-paid is if it is a training program where the Intern gains the main benefit of the program as a training initiative.


  1. Acceptance 

2.1. The following terms of business apply to all Permanent and Temporary and Contractual candidate and intern introduction by Dream Internship to the Host Company.

2.2. Electronic signature on this document followed by written or oral instructions by the Host Company to Dream Internship to supply candidates and interns will be deemed as the Host Company’s acceptance of these Terms of Business. E-mail response is ok.


  1. Fees 

NB! Our minimum engagement (application) fee is $200 and must be paid upfront and prior to introduction of any interns or candidates.

3.1. Dream Internship is entitled to a fee payable by the Host Company, where a candidate or intern introduced by Dream Internship is engaged to undertake an internship and/or mentoring program. This is referred to as a posting fee ($200).

3.2. Dream Internship is entitled to management consulting fees payable by the Host Company, where Dream Internship is engaged to undertake any kind of consulting including contract negotiation with candidates. This is referred to as Host Company placement fee of ($200).

3.3. Point 3.1 and point 3.2 apply to both paid an un-paid internship positions.


  1. Guarantee 

4.1. All placements made by Dream Internship will be covered by a 4 week guarantee from the commencement date, provided payment of all fees are made within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Should a candidate introduced by Dream Internship cease the internship program with the Host Company within the guaranteed period, for reasons other than restructure, change in job description, retrenchment, redundancy or closure of business, Dream Internship will endeavor to replace the candidate at no additional cost.

4.2. The replacement guarantee only applies to the affected internship role and cannot be transferred to another internship role.

4.3. This guarantee does not include replacements of candidates that have previously been replaced under clause 4.1 and does not apply to permanent appointments resulting from temporary employment.


  1. References 

5.1. Dream Internship will conduct reference checks at the Host Company’s request.

5.2. Dream Internship will take all precautions available when performing reference checks but cannot be liable for the accuracy or the authenticity of the references taken.

5.3. The Host Company shall not approach a candidate’s referees without the candidate’s prior consent.


  1. Liability 

6.1. Dream Internship accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the Host Company as a result of any action taken by the intern. The Host Company’s insurance policy should cover the intern during a placement.

6.2. Dream Internship will advice all interns to take out health and travel insurance during the placement.


  1. Dream Internship’s responsibility 

7.1. The Host Company acknowledges that Dream Internship’s responsibility is limited to the introduction to the Host Company of interns that the Host Company may wish to consider for internships.

7.2. The Host Company acknowledges that the decision to employ an intern referred by Dream Internship is the Host Company’s decision and that it is the Host Company’s responsibility to ensure that the intern meets the standards required by the Host Company.

7.3. Dream Internship makes no guarantee that the intern introduced by Dream Internship will perform to any particular standard and is not responsible for any loss the Host Company may incur as a result of the employment of an intern by the Host Company.

7.4. Dream Internship does not warrant the truth of any information supplied to the Host Company concerning interns, as Dream Internship is acting as a mere conduit of most information involved in the recruitment.


  1. Confidentiality 

All information supplied by Dream Internship to the Host Company in the course of recruitment is strictly confidential and must not be released to any third party without a written consent. Handbooks, learning plans, templates and any other documents shared by Dream Internship to the Host Company must not be further shared or copied by the Host Company and is part of Dream Internship’s intellectual property.


  1. Legalities 

The terms are governed by the laws of NSW and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of NSW.


Please fill in this ToB Form to confirm that you have read and understood these Terms of Business.


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