Easy 10 Step Process for Host Companies

Step 1: Apply & Provide Internship Job Description


NB! Step 1, 2 and 3 may interchange

Step 2: Job Briefing with Employer

  • Visit to your office to assess suitability if applicable
  • Discuss membership and internship program options
  • Select between 4 program options and 5 internship program options


Annual Membership is $200

  • 1 job posting (posted up to 6 times a year)
  • admin fee
  • newsletter
  • Memberships starts from July 1 or January 1


Your Internship Program Options:

  • Full time for less than 3 months
  • Full time for 3 – 6 months
  • Part time for less than 3 months
  • Part time for 3 – 6 months
  • Start – Up Incubation 3 – 6 months (only suitable for start ups or companies less than 3 staff)


Step 4: Fill in Terms of Business Form


Step 5: Talent Sourcing

  • Post your jobs to several agents, universities, search engines, social media
  • Interview, test and cull possible candidates
  • Your brand is kept confidential at all times


Step 6: Candidates Interview

  • We contact send you info on suitable candidates (resume, cover letter, transcripts, visa status if applicable, interview screening questions, personality tests, and offer / conformation letter)
  • Process usually takes 2 – 5 weeks from when you filled in the ToB form


Step 7: Sign Offer/  Confirmation Letter

  • Sign and return Offer / Confirmation Letter to us
  • We arrange administrative requirements (immigration, tax, insurance etc), collect documents


Step 8: Commencement Day

  • Internship orientation
  • Handbook, training and mentoring manual


Step 9: Follow Up

  • Fortnightly and monthly diaries


Step 10: References 

  • Interns receive a Certificate of Achievement from us
  • We appreciate a reference letter from you
  • The reference letter should state the tasks they have learnt at your company
  • It is illegal to give bad references in Australia, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, please only just share this with us


Further Collaboration



Host Company Application Form


Tips for writing up a job description:

1. Your Brand and organisation:

  • Describe your organisation accurately
  • Describe what it’s like to work there
  • Keep in mind that you are branding yourself
  • Present the culture and the right image


2. Required Skills & Tasks:

  • Write the skills they need not trust the education
  • A job title may not be recognisable for everyone, but they will know what their skills are when you ask for it
  • List specific tasks separately & be specific


3. Employer Value Proposition:

  • Think about the value the intern will take from this role, put yourself in their shoes
  • What can you offer them?


4. Quality, not Quantity

Host Company Application Form


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