Benefits to Host Companies

7 Commercial Benefits Achieved

Based on 7 years of research & evaluation

1. Cost Effective Approach

Internship programs provide significant savings in recruitment costs, effort and potential mistakes.

2. Increased Productivity

Interns are a valuable resource assisting other staff to achieve what otherwise may not be done, ranging from promotion, market research, process maps etc.

3. Broadened Capabilities

Interns possess new knowledge and skills that current employees may not have; technological; investigative skills; insights about the latest academic methodologies.

4. Injected Enthusiasm

Interns add vibrancy, fresh ideas and positive energy that will have a valuable effect on workplace morale, motivation and creativity.

5. Increased Effectiveness

Interns save full-time employees time which enables them to focus their talents on higher level tasks.

6. Secure Future Employment / Talent Advantage

An Internship Program enables businesses to pre-recruit, pre-qualify, and pre-train potential employees. Yield a significant competitive advantage by securing some of the best young talent before they hit the ‘open market’.

7. International Network

Grow your international and multicultural network locally and abroad. Introduce your company to global technologies and skill sets, preparing yourself for a multicultural global future.


  • Candidates that can be used in several departments, they can be a helping hand in the daily running of your company or they can do valuable research.
  • Interns work on a volunteer basis or at minimum wage, depending on the industry.
  • Interns arrange their own visa, insurance and accommodation with Dream Internship Australia’s assistance.
  • Any business that hires interns or simply needs extra resources will profit from our cost effective service.


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