Apply to be a Host Company

What we do for you:

  • Source interns to assist your business
  • Administer the entire process
  • Updae job descriptions and employer profiles if necessary
  • Provide contracts, training and mentoring manuals


How it works:

  1. Internships are between 6 weeks – 6 months
  2. Paid and un-paid placements
  3. Fill in an application form below and tell us what you are looking for
  4. We set up interviews, you select intern, we arrange contracts


Internship definition:

  • An internship is the learning period that transcends a person from study to work life.
  • One person / intern undertakes training with an organisation or host company.
  • Aim: for the intern and host company to define goals and achieve mutually beneficial objectives.


Apply by filling in the below form


  • This is where you add your sales pitch so the students wants to intern with you.
  • E.G. Looking to work in a boutique agency with 20 years marketing experience? Looking to work closely with the HR team at Sydney's start up success Company X? Want to expand your knowledge of current Computer Engineering softwares and learn how to write code? Interested in building websites and learning new digital marketing concepts? Look no further, this is the internshipfor you! You need to attract the attention and interest of a 20+ year old with no concept of what it will be like to intern with you. Get creative and feel free to call us for assistance.
  • In the list of required skills below, include only what is highly necessary for the job. It would be perfect to have a Management Consultant with 10 Years experience come in and increase your profits by 50%. For now however, we need to know only what is essential to the internship. Examples could be knowledge of a particular topic, analytical and strategic skills or ability to organise and complete.
  • A clear job description can be the make or break of someone successfully completing the tasks at hand. When fill in in the list of tasks below, please include at least 7 task items the intern will definitely be doing. Will the intern work on creative design or will they mainly work on procedures and systems?
  • Please remember that you may have an unpaid intern in your business. This is because the internship is supposed to be a learning experience and not a job. There will be aspects of the internship where someone in your business will have to show the intern how to do things or explain how something works. What value, other than salary, will the intern take from this role? Connections? Working closely with a CEO? Learn about a new technology? Leadership Resources?
  • Please see our terms of business before we meet with you. It is important that you know what we do and do not offer.

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