Host Companies

What we do for you:

  • Find an extra pair of hands and brains to assist your business
  • Administer the entire process and creation of internship programs
  • Write suitable job descriptions
  • Write employer branding profiles
  • Provide internship training and mentoring manuals


How it works:

  1. Internships are between 6 weeks – 6 months
  2. Paid and un-paid placements
  3. Fill in an application form below and tell us what you are looking for
  4. We set up interviews, you select intern, we arrange contracts
  5. You may chose from 4 different programs once applied


Internship definition:

  • An internship is the learning period that trancends a person from study to work life.
  • One person / intern undertakes training with a host company.
  • Aim: for intern and host company to define goals and achieve mutually beneficial objectives.


Benefits to Host Companies:

  • Better communication among managers and employees
  • Enhanced creativity in decision making and problem-solving
  • Improved effectiveness and enhanced productivity
  • More cost effective than recruitment

Because everyone in the collaboration have their own goals and motivations to succeed in a try before you buy type situation.


Benefits to supervisors / Mentors:

  • Working with a more motivated and productive team is energizing and result in further improvements to team performance
  • Coaching with passion reduces stress levels, makes you feel important and relied upon, challenges your management skills
  • Cost efficient assistance with admin and new process creation


Easy 10 step process for Host Companies



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