We connect people with opportunities!

Dream Internship is an international training institution that connects people and businesses by helping them with personal and employer branding.


We focus on 3 key areas:


  1. We connect students and host companies through customised internship programs
  2. We teach students how to represent themselves in order to get the jobs and internships they want. We deliver employability bootcamps, mentoring courses, personality testing and 1 on 1 mentoring.
  3. We help businesses find interns and we help them represent themselves in a way that attracts the most suitable employees.


We play an instrumental role in transitioning students from academia to professional life.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals with backgrounds in education, communication, human resources, program management and recruitment. We use our combined skills to help people with their personal branding and companies with their employer branding – with the aim of bridging the communication gap between people and organisations.

Dream Internship was a 2012 nominee for Sydney Business Awards with the most votes in the category for Education & Training.

What we do

1. We teach people how to find work and internships through Mentoring Programs and Employability Bootcamps.

2. We connect students and Host Companies through Internship Placements.

3. We create and manage Internship Programs for organisations and individuals.

Dream Internship challenge the education system by delivering the only international, customised internship and mentoring program combined. Dream Internship bridge the gap between education and industry, by helping people find professional internships and by creating internship programs for companies. Dream Internship collaborates with both students and Host Companies to find suitable customised solutions that will benefit all our clients and friends in business.

Services to Interns

On one end, Dream Internship creates customised local and international internship programs that help local and overseas students grow and find their way in the international and Australian work force. We act as a support system for our clients and do our best to help in any way we can. We prepare and develop our students to enter the employment market with the confidence to succeed.

Services to Host Companies

We cater to Host Companies by creating cost-effective programs and offering the best talent. Our customised programs are made to suit our Host Companies’ needs and allow them to become more successful.

A Rapidly Growing Industry

The Australian industry is going places. The Australian dollar is strong, the population is increasing and the workforce is changing face. To keep up with the changes, business needs to be innovative and creative. DIA aims to be an industry leader in innovative and creative programs and will work with our Interns and Host Companies to reach our common goals. Our network is growing fast and caters to and for the best Host Companies and Interns. We are here to help the Host Companies, as well as the Interns, to grow and develop into strong people in a strong industry.

A Unique Approach

Our unique approach focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients. We work closely with Interns and Host Companies to create programs and solutions that are cost-effective, entail real work experience, and generate valuable benefits for all involved. At DIA, we are yes people. We let go of our inhibitions, re-living the creativity of a child with no fear. If you are an open minded and goal focused individual, we would love to work with you, as we paint the town red.

“Our vision is to inspire a more efficient and healthier workforce through education, innovation & action”

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Cover Letter $50

- Transferrable skills
- Qualifications and strengths
- Unique value proposition
- Targeted to specific jobs
- We do it for you
Available for all career levels. A cover letter is often the make or break of a job.

Internship Success Story!

Read here to see the outcomes of some of our many success stories:
- A path to PR in Australia
- A new permanent job
- A network of trusted professionals
- Work published in print & online
- LinkedIn attracting employers
- Part of exciting corporate projects
- Major brands on resume
- Fun time & interesting experience
- Certificate of Achievement

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Pro Resume $65

- Adaptability & growth potential
- Quality not quantity of experience
- Industry-specific keywords
- Strengths & achievements
- Values & personality profile
Suitable for Entry & Mid-level Professionals & Managers. We adjust to your & market needs.

Professional Bio $150

- Industry expertise, leadership
- Innovative, strategic initiative
- Professional online presentation
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Suitable for Professionals and Entry Level People.