Apply to be a Partner / Agent

Agents are people or organisations who specialise in candidate recruitment such as education agents, universities or recruitment consultants.
Dream Internship work with many agents around the world who connect us to prospect candidates and students, host companies and business partners.
If you would like to collaborate with Dream Internship, please get in touch through the form below.
We look forward to hearing from you!
This form is NOT for Host Companies.
If you are a Host Company and want Dream Internship to find you interns, please fill in the Apply to be a Host Company form here. 

Application for Agents

  • This form is for agents who want to collaborate with Dream Internship on programs. It is NOT for Host Companies. The form for Host Companies is under the Host Company tab.


Cover Letter $50

- Transferrable skills
- Qualifications and strengths
- Unique value proposition
- Targeted to specific jobs
- We do it for you
Available for all career levels. A cover letter is often the make or break of a job.

Internship Success Story!

Read here to see the outcomes of some of our many success stories:
- A path to PR in Australia
- A new permanent job
- A network of trusted professionals
- Work published in print & online
- LinkedIn attracting employers
- Part of exciting corporate projects
- Major brands on resume
- Fun time & interesting experience
- Certificate of Achievement

See Testimonials Here

Pro Resume $65

- Adaptability & growth potential
- Quality not quantity of experience
- Industry-specific keywords
- Strengths & achievements
- Values & personality profile
Suitable for Entry & Mid-level Professionals & Managers. We adjust to your & market needs.

Professional Bio $150

- Industry expertise, leadership
- Innovative, strategic initiative
- Professional online presentation
- Includes LinkedIn Bio
- Industry-specific keywords
Suitable for Professionals and Entry Level People.