Terms Of Business (ToB) Form – Host Companies

Terms Of Business (ToB) Form for HC

  • Filling in this Terms of Business Form means that I have read and understood Dream Internship's Terms of Business and wish to proceed to the next step.
  • Dream Internship's minimum engagement fee is a Posting Fee of $200 and this fee must be paid upfront and prior to introduction of any interns or candidates.
  • Where other companies may place interns / candidates at no cost to host companies, Dream Internship endeavours to streamline the process in order to ensure the quality of the intern / candidate to the host company, as well as the quality of the learning experience for the intern / candidate. Our superior processes make certain that all parties are satisfied.
  • Once we receive this form, we will send you a paypal link with the correct payment details.
  • Thank you for collaborating with us in offering innovative, value focussed, and fun internship programs. We look forward to working with you.

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