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Connecting Interns and Companies


We teach people proven success strategies, and ensure they apply them,

so they can secure themselves a dream internship or job.

Interns Apply Here!

Cut through in a competitive employment market.
- A path to PR in Australia
- Increased Network
- Attractive LinkedIn Profile
- Major brands on resume
- Certificate of Achievement
- Career Success Plan
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Agents Apply Here!

We partner with education agents and institutions, accommodation providers and travel agencies, immigration lawyers and business networks.
Together, we deliver and administer the entire process of internship programs.
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Companies Apply Here!

Engage a Dream Intern to assist you.
An internship is a learning period that transcends students from study to work life.
Interns undertake training within host companies.
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Free Interview Tips &News

The only customised internship and mentoring programs available world wide.


“I learned so much about social media when I did my internship. I never knew it was so popular here in Australia. I have been ... "
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“My supervisors were extremely nice and helpful, and I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals ... "
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“It was a lot of fun to do an internship. I made many new friends and tested my skills. I was happy and surprised to see ... "
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Internship Process Video

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