DIA.205. Dream Internship & Mentoring Program – Int’l

Learn the strategies necessary to get a Dream Career!

Get experience and education simultaneously so you can instantly apply tools and strategies that make you a more desirable employee. By doing a combined internship and mentoring program you maximise your opportunities by increasing your visibility, credibility and value!


Outcomes & Benefits:

  • gain practical experience in your chosen field
  • increase your understanding of the workforce
  • increase your professional network
  • gain confidence in your skills and abilities
  • learn the tools and strategies necessary for finding work
  • learn how you can effectively apply these tools and strategies to get the career you desire!


  • A combination of the internship and mentoring program.
  • The most popular program Dream Internship offer.
  • There are no other programs like this on the market and participants get an all encompassing and rewarding experience unlike any other.


  • Suitable for people who are outside of Australia and do not have a valid Australian visa (or residency or citizenship) on time of application.


Investment: AUD $2500 + $250 +1000 = $3750 (incl employability workshop)


DIA.205. Combined Dream Internship and Mentoring Program (International)


Please see programs 202. Dream Internship Program and 201.Launch My Career – Mentoring Program for more details.

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