Top 10 Skills Employers Search for in Young Employees

Top 10 Skills Employers Search for in Young Employees

By Sophia Demetriades


New research from NACE states that the top 3 skills employers search for in todays youth is:

  1. Effective team working skills
  2. Decisions making and problem solving skills
  3. Ability to plan and prioritise (management)

Although current media emphasize computer software and programming skills, the most important skills remain basic management skills such as team work, problem-solving and organisational skills.


In order of importance, here is a top 10 list of the most important skills. Note yourself they are all skills you can easily learn and improve regularly.

1. Team working skills
2. Decisions and problem-solving skills
3. Organisational skills such as ability to plan and prioritize work
4. Verbal Communication (inside and outside an organization)
5. Information processing ability
6. Quantitative Data Analysis
7. Technical knowledge related to the job
8. Computer Software Program Proficiency
9. Report Writing and Editing
10. Influence and Sales Ability
No matter your studies, these skills must be demonstrated to employers through your resume, cover letter, social media and through references.


Too often, students forget to participate in activities that develop such skills including volunteer work, group assignments, casual work, extra curricular hobbies and sports. Most students also don’t know how to communicate their skills clearly, which I know from reading more than 200 graduate resumes yearly.


Spell it out

The skills should be spelt out briefly and specifically. Master this first step of communicating your skills clearly and you are guaranteed early success.


My advise is to spend at least 5 hours actively learning how to put together your employment documentation and test it on friends, relatives, teachers and most importantly mature communications professionals (as they would know best). Tell everyone around you what you are good at and what you are looking for so they can support you.


Personally, I value the ability to take responsibility for own actions / behavior and take responsibility for own learning highest on the list.


With internet readily available, graduates (or anyone else for that matter) have access to any and all resources they need to get hired in less than 6 weeks. If it takes longer, call me.

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