Tips to make sure the right people link in

Tips to make sure the right people link in

By Noelle Capobianco

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LinkedIn is an integral social media outlet that enables members to network with people within their professional field. It also allows many recruiters and companies utilize to find the right person to fill in that position.


As it is a social media outlet it contains not only that person’s education, training and credentials, but also their interests, hobbies and most important who they know. The networks the person joins through their LinkedIn profile and who they are connected to provides a lot of information and insight to recruiters to inform them that they are proactive in attaining their dream job.


The LinkedIn profile is the power you possess online. It is, in essence, your brand as it is visible to the virtual, social media world to showcase yourself to potential employees.


As many recruiters and companies go through multiple profiles daily to ensure they get the right person to fit into their company and fulfil the role your profile needs to stand out.

Your LinkedIn needs to engage and captivate the audience to make them want to find out more about you whilst impressing them at the same time.


1.              The content on your profile

Your profile is essentially your online resume. It needs to contain all the information as your resume would. This includes intimate details of your skills, abilities, capabilities, knowledge and work experience so you need to make sure that it stands out against the crowd as these details need to scream off the page to the recruiter. Make sure this information is easily visible on the profile and ensure that all the information is up to date. Provide the most important skills, attributes, work experience first so the recruiter is easy to access and see this information on your profile. The information should also be listed in accordance to the most current to previous to make sure there is a consistent flow within the profile. This also shows the recruiter that you are capable and acquire efficient communication skills. Within the summary of your profile make sure you indicate you preferred industry as it will be a major keyword for other members to find you and for you to network efficiently. Adding the Volunteer Experience and Causes field to your LinkedIn Profile through add sections at the top of LinkedIn will give you an edge with recruiters and companies as it will demonstrate persistency and valued. Additional information will allow you to direct members and potential employers to other professional accounts such as Twitter, your own website or blog and other professional information about yourself.


2.              The profile picture

The profile picture is important as it invites the recruiter into your profile as well as making it comfortable when connecting with other people online. It’s the first point of contact that the recruiter sees and therefore it humanizes your profile to make the right first impression so appearing friendly and approachable through the profile picture is integral.  It’s important to get the LinkedIn profile picture right as when meeting a contact from LinkedIn for the first time they will be able to easily recognize you. No recruiter wants to see a picture of you at a party you attended over the weekend. This is unprofessional and tells the recruiter that you are not serious about your professional work life.  The profile picture has to capture the serious, professional you. The profile picture should be simple and clean. It must be a clear head shot of you with a simple background. Dress professionally and keep it clear with just a clear head shot which can include a bit of you shoulders. It does not have to be a professional photo, just ask friends to take a picture with a warm, natural smile that engages people to connect with you and invites them in. No selfies. Selfies make you look unprofessional and immature. Keep the photos up to date and consistent throughout all your professional pictures to make you recognisable and to develop your online brand.


3.              Make the profile public

Making the LinkedIn profile public is important as many recruiters use keyword searches via skills and experience they are seeking through a database such as Google. By making the LinkedIn profile public it will make sure that the keyword search through a database will match up with your LinkedIn profile making it easy recruiters and companies to find you.  Personalising and customising your URL will also make your LinkedIn profile easy to share as it is unique and individual. Incorporating your name into the URL will make it personal and approachable as well as individualise the profile. Making the profile public is a sure way that the LinkedIn profile can go viral to develop your brand and your presence online.


4.              Recommend to get recommended

Recommendations in the LinkedIn world are like a job reference in advance. It carries a lot of weight and responsibility to those that recommend you to potential employees. The best way to get recommendations is to recommend people first. So take time when recommending people to other LinkedIn members and companies. A recommendation means that people are confirming and sharing your skills, attributes and qualifications to other significant LinkedIn members.  People love to be acknowledged and recommended as it confirms their character to other potential employees. By recommending someone first, it means that more than likely that person will reciprocate in recommend you by taking the time to confirm their character and profile.  As with a job application you do not want to see too pushy. Therefore, do not post or voice for anyone to recommend you as it seems unprofessional and pathetic.


5.              The keywords are key

As many people use LinkedIn to network with others they need to be able to describe the attributes they encompass. Courtesy of LinkedIn, these are the top 10 overused words that members of LinkedIn use within their profile. To make sure you stand out from the crowd try to include keywords and creative attributes to make you unique and wanting companies and recruiters to want to meet you.  Try not to use these words to make sure you keep your individual and captivating.


  1. Responsible

  2. Strategic

  3. Creative

  4. Effective

  5. Patient

  6. Expert

  7. Organizational

  8. Driven

  9. Innovative

  10. Analytical


Link in with your LinkedIn account today and start networking, develop and build your brand today.


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