Make a plan for your career

Make a plan for your career

By Noelle Capobianco and Sophia Demetriades


stepping stones


Everyone seems to think that the plan to get where you want to be, career wise is linear. It has to be a straight line to success, doing everything the textbook way in organizing and planning your career. Unfortunately there is no straight and narrow line when it comes to finding the right path to take for you and your career. No signs saying go this way and no lit up path. As there are so many options and so many situations that are beyond your control that determine job opportunities and possibilities, the best one can do is take the opportunities that present itself without being overly committed and dependent on one path.


With the right mind- set to change, it can increase your chances of success to the continuous progression of career planning. At each stage of this progression the question you should ask is what can I do to maximize my success for the future that is meaningful to you in small stepping-stones that bring you closer to where you want to be.


Gain Transferrable Knowledge

A stepping-stone that can allow you to progress and bring you closer to career ambitions is that of transferrable knowledge. Robert Pozen, a known financial executive refers to transferable knowledge as knowledge that can be utilised within different jobs by performing various activities to build upon the current skillset and knowledge that allows the individual to expand into other career endeavours. This starts with knowledge through education. Choosing subjects that will allow you to gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform effectively in a range of jobs. This knowledge and skills can then be built upon through experience of work and working in a multiple of organizations, businesses and performing various roles that allow you to look more attractive to employers.


Seek Legacy, Mastery and Freedom

Another stepping stone that is extremely effective in planning goals and career is a three- tier model proposed by Nathaniel Koloc, CEO of ReWork. This three- tier model is to seek legacy, mastery and freedom in order to make the opportunities that present itself matter. Bringing the final stone closer.


To seek legacy means to know your purpose of what you want to do and how you are going to do it even if situations such as the economy may change in order to make a difference within the world and leave your mark.


Mastery refers to attaining the skills and knowledge to become an expert in that field to achieve success at that role that is being performed to forge new opportunities for yourself while seeking enjoyment from these skills and knowledge. By doing this, enjoyment will allow these skills to become a talent allowing for greater career prospects.


The last tier of the model freedom refers to the freedom of choice of who you work with, the projects you decide to work on, the timeframe and ultimately the lifestyle that you have the choice to take on. By following this it allows the individual to find fulfilment whilst also finding the career that enables them to perform their best and become a success.


Stepping Stones

The plan of finding a career through small stepping-stones allows you to find a sustainable and flexible career that plays on your knowledge and skillset that can be enhanced. Through this it allows you to add a sense of value to not only yourself but also the company that you work for through the progressive planning and monitoring of career ambitions through smart decisions that allow options to be attainable.


Start paving your pathway with little stepping stones today.

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