Entice the recruiter and land that dream job

Entice the recruiter and land that dream job

By Noelle Capobianco
dream job

Finding the perfect partner is already a struggle. Why bring work related stress into your relationship? Give your relationship a break and land the dream job. LinkedIn suggests that work related stress is the major problem in majority of relationships. Therefore by wooing the recruiter it could relieve the stress off you relationship to make room to woo your partner.


These are the top tips from recruiters that can help you impress and score the job published by LinkedIn.

Get relationship ready

You need to establish and maintain your digital profile at all times. You have to maintain the relationship between yourself and digital media at all times as many recruiters look for high performers continuously via LinkedIn. Eric Foutch, digital media manager at Red Branch Media suggests that to be high performer you need to connect with people within your industry. Share your knowledge and open up dialogue between people to as a mechanism to show your abilities and skills.


Do your homework

Taking time to do your research about the company, people and agency demonstrates initiative and persistency. ReachLocal Talent Acquisition Operations Manager Jim Wahl prefers when people state the position that they would like to attain within the company than just receiving a resume that may fit a multiple of positions. This shows that you have taken an interest to do your homework and ambition as well as confidence that you would be fit for that role.


Shoot straight

Leute Management Services CEO Tom Bolt requires trust between he’s employees therefore open communication and honesty is a necessity. You don’t need to say what you think recruiters want to hear. How will they be able to represent you if all the information is false? They need to be your advocates therefore trust is compulsory.


Emphasize your compatibility

You need to highlight your attributes and skills to align them with the job description communicated through your resume and through the recruiter. Researching the company will enable you to emphasize how you can help them as well as communicating why you applying and what makes their company such as great place to work in the midst of all other competitors. You need to show your desire and passion for the job through multitude of communication channels via online and the recruiter to confirm that you are serious about this career choice and you are the perfect fit.


Share your story

Apple Senior Technical Recruiter John Turnberg says, “As a job seeker, think of your work history as a book. What is the story that it tells and why is it compelling? Your cover letter, InMail message or email can be viewed as the synopsis that is found on the back cover, which creates the need or desire to find out more.” You need to engage and captivate through personalization. Even though that specific recruiter may not be able to help you, with personalization your character is able to transcend of the page which will make that recruiter pass the information along as suggested by Nicole Greenberg Strecker, managing director of STA USA.


Call me

Recruiters go through so many applications and resumes daily it’s a shock that majority of those people do not pick up the phone to sell them. It only takes one simple follow up phone call a few days later you have applied to personify your application.  Harvey Alexander Recruitment and Talent Director Matthew Harvey say that you will be surprised with the response. This shows ambition, persistence and initiative. All the characteristics that recruiter’s are seeking.


Don’t appear too desperate

You do not want to bombard your potential recruiter by an overflow of calls emails. Yes a follow up call is good to show your passion and desire, but a phone call everyday is scary and border line stalking recommends Crystal Miller, digital strategist for AT&T’s HR and recruitment teams.


Be confident

Red Branch Media Chief Marketing Brain Maren Hogan suggests that you need to go beyond your resume and cover letter. A follow up email, phone call or message demonstrates subtle confidence and etiquette. At every point that contact is made, it is an opportunity to show your skill set and knowledge so take advantage of it and show them why they need to hire you.


The tips and tricks shared by LinkedIn will allow you to entice the recruiter to land that dream job. By landing the dream job it will enable you too concentrate on wooing your partner. It will be a win- win situation within all circles of life.


Relieve that relationship stress and woo the recruiter today.


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