10 words to help your resume stand out

10 words to help your resume stand out


To make your resume stand out, you do not want to be using the same words that others used as they can become so generic. LinkedIn has collated the most overused words and the words than will enable your resume to stand out from the rest when applying.

LinkedIn collected data from all LinkedIn member’s profiles and found out these were the words that were most used:

Top 10 overused words:


  1.        Responsible
  2.        Strategic
  3.        Creative
  4.        Effective
  5.        Patient
  6.        Expert
  7.        Organisational
  8.        Driven
  9.        Innovative
  10.        Analytical

To stand out from the crowd, consider instead these 10 words from buffersocial:

Top 10 words to stand out:


  1.        Created
  2.        Increased
  3.        Reduced
  4.        Improved
  5.        Developed
  6.        Researched
  7.        Accomplished
  8.        Won
  9.        On time
  10.        Under budget


These words are action words that describe your accomplishments. This tells employers that you are someone who gets things done. Use a thesaurus to search for alternative expressions of the same word so you can express yourself creatively and show good vocabulary.


Good luck!



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