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In collaboration with Solitudes India, DIA now offer Internships India wide. Please read on if you are interested in a fun experience interning with one of our recognised Indian Entrepreneurs.


Guaranteed Internship Placement

DIA and Soulitudes guarantees internships to all participants accepted in its internship programs. We work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis to understand their expectations and match them with the best employer in their prospective career fields. By getting to know each individual applicant, learning their academic backgrounds, career and future objectives, and overall expectations of their experience abroad, we will be able to place each individual in a work environment that will help them gain valuable work experience overseas.



Interns will live in a contemporary twin share room with great amenities. We would accommodate interns in a friendly and safe neighbourhood, and as far as possible close to their workplace.


Bring a friend along

DIA and Soulitudes gives you the option of bringing your friend along with you. If you have a friend interested in a similar internship program or in the same location, we would accommodate both of you together at concessional rates. Even if your career objectives are different, but you want to experience India together with Soulitudes, please feel free to contact one of our ambassadors in your campus or our program coordinator.



DIA and Soulitudes will be happy to assist you in planning any short trips you would like to undertake before, during or after your internship program. Speak with your coordinator for ideas.


What the package offers

●  Ground support and 24/7 emergency contact

●  Accommodation on twin sharing basis

●  Internet – WiFi enabled accommodation

●  Talk-time for your mobile to talk to your family back home

●  Travel assistance on your request

●  Information and assistance in obtaining the required visa (as necessary)

●  Orientation

●  Optional excursion trips at an extra cost

●  Extensive pre-departure information provided by program consultants and in online portal

●  Dedicated program coordinator to prepare you for your program


What is not included?

●  Airfare to India and back

●  Visa to India: All International students with their respective nationalities wishing to participate in our program must have a valid passport and obtain a Visa to legally participate as an Intern. Please note that as per the Government regulations, all those applying for a DIA / Soulitudes internship program, need to obtain an employment visa. More information is available on our website and we will help you make sure that all the paperwork is organised under the correct requirements prior to departing your home country.

●  Travel and Medical Insurance – Compulsory. Evidence must be sent to DIA more than 4 weeks prior to departure from your home country.


Program cost

Our programs vary from 2 to 6 months and are offered to students on and off shore with an intake in March and September. If you are interested in commencing your internship outside these dates, please contact us with your query. 

You will need to fund all living expenses as well as flight, insurance and visa cost, outside of our placement fee. For a detailed breakdown of living costs in India please see bottom of this page.


Company Name



Cost (Rs.)

Cost (USD)

GlobalTHEN Mumbai Sales Intern   286,545   6,368
GlobalTHEN Kolkata Content Writer   199,731   4,438
Himalayan Village Sona Pani Project Associate   254,851   5,663
Rang De Bangalore Various   243,827   5,418
Roomwale Gurgaon Various   199,869   4,442
Spiti Ecosphere Kaza Eco-Tourism Intern   228,669   5,082
KarmYog Ventures Kolkata Yoga Trainee   216,197   4,804
Omnivera  Kolkata Content Writer   216,197   4,804


A detailed outline of Program Inclusions:

Our placement fee includes the following:

1. Your placement/ internship designed to your specifications and confirmed before leaving your home country:

  • Internship contract stating duties, working hours, obligations of employer, employment duration and contact person.
  • Phone and/ or email contact with employer

2. Full support to interns during application including assistance with:

  • Setting up an Australian bank account
  • Finding Flights to Australia
  • Visa application and supporting documentation
  • Phone interview
  • Finding accommodation before you arrive – to your budget

3. Advice and Support while in India including:

  • Insurance covering the intern during the placement (separate to travel insurance)
  • Weekly newsletter and invitations to social gatherings
  • Weekly social meet-up with other interns and/or students
  • Discounts on various Sydney attractions
  • Fitness coach and self defense training

4. Resume and Cover Letter Workshop including career planning

  • Prior to the internship we will hold an orientation with either online or face-to-face
  • The orientation includes a handbook, career goal sheet, and useful hints and tips to guide your future job hunt
  • It also includes information about life in India and what you can expect from your internship


Six EASY STEPS to Apply for our India Internship Programs


Step 1: Submit Form

Fill up the application form with all the necessary details, attach your passport size photo, your resume and answer the necessary questions. Once we receive your filled up applications you will receive an email from us confirming the receipt of your application.

Step 2: Interview

On receiving your application, one of our program coordinators will contact you to schedule an interview for the position you have applied for. This online interview would include representatives from Soulitudes as well as the prospective employer to assess your aptitude and interest for the position. The interview will give you an opportunity to talk to your prospective Internship employer and discuss your career and internship objectives. The results of the interview will be disclosed through e-mail.

Step 3: Payment

Post your interview results, you would be required to pay the registration fee and the advance deposit through bank transfer or online payment. This will ensure confirmation that you intend to take part in the programme in the event of having passed the interview successfully.

Step 3: Enrolment

We start working towards organizing and completing your internship experience. We will send you an enrolment form which would also include the acceptance letter for the program from Soulitudes and a joining letter from the employer amongst other details. Once you receive both the letters you are required to sign the documents and send them back as a final acceptance of the Internship Programme from your end. These documents will also be necessary when you apply for your visa and we strongly recommend that you start the visa application process once the enrolment process is completed.

Step 5: Full and Final Payment

You are expected to pay the full and final amount with the signed acceptance letters that you return to us. This payment can be made through Electronic Fund Transfer or through online payment. For more information please refer to the Program Fee section.

Step6: Pre-Departure Briefing

You will receive a briefing kit which will include introduction to your assigned program coordinator, details of your program, country and city overview, accommodation, travel within India, items you need to pack and information of the local contacts.

You are now ready for your Indian adventure! Things to note:

  1. The complete application process will take about 2 weeks to complete to reach Step 3.
  2. You are expected to make a payment as soon as you receive your enrolment forms so thatwe are sure that you would be joining in.
  3. In case you want to withdraw your application post the enrolment stage, 75% of the depositwill be deducted and the rest of the amount will be transferred back into your account.
  4. In case there is a last minute cancellation post final payment, 75% of the program cost willbe deducted from the price and the balance will be transferred back into your account.
  5. You are advised to apply for your visa once you get enrolled in the program. The joiningletters and acceptance letters will help you file your visa application. The time taken in visa processing could vary based on your country of residence, hence please start the visa application as soon as you receive the necessary documents from our end. 

Apply NOW!


Please see our example Offer Letter and Internship Proposal for more information. Email info@dreaminternship.com.au for templates.

Click here to view our example Offer Letter

Click here to view our example Internship Proposal

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