DIA.200. Application / Membership

Your Application / Membership includes an Employability Workshop!

  • Workshop offered to all applicants
  • Invest in yourself and increase your potential
  • Create a profile that meets employer expectations
  • Can be done separately without applying

Outcomes & Benefits

  • know the tools and strategies necessary for career or job hunting
  • be confident that you are effective in applying these tools to gain the job you desire



  • A focussed 1-5 hour workshop introducing the basics necessary to be competitive in your market
  • Complete parts of the Launch My Career mentoring program, built around the 7 Success Strategies to Secure Yourself a Dream Internship or job


The 7 Success Strategies to Secure Yourself a Dream Internship or Job

  1. Professionalise your documentation
  2. Display a clear online profile highlighting your values and strengths
  3. Work on your Professional & Personal Brand
  4. Set clear objectives
  5. Research your field, show knowledge & engagement
  6. Learn & apply effective communication techniques
  7. Build sound relationships
  • Mastery: combine the above



  • Suitable for people who are serious about taking their career to the next level
  • Ages 18 – 35, all industries


Investment: AUD $250


Program: DIA.200. Applicaiton / Membership + Employability Workshop 

Note: this applicaiton fee is not refundable on change of heart





Further Benefits

  • Access to over 100 Audiobooks/DVDs on personal development, management, business etc – see the full list here (Valued at $2899)
  • A consultation with one of our Career Coaches (Valued at $90)
  • eBook on how to improve your LinkedIn so employers can find you online (Valued at $25)
  • Invitation to events where our host companies will be (Priceless)
  • A practice interview session with a professional consultant
  • Participants will improve their applications, LinkedIn profile, Resume/CV and Cover Letter significantly and this will increase your chances of getting hired anywhere.




Our Programs

DIA.200. Employability Workshop / Application 

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DIA.202. Dream Internship Program (Onshore)

DIA.204. Dream International Program (International)

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DIA.208. Climbing Kilimanjaro (Africa)

DIA.209. Dream Ambassador


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