DIA.206. Entrepreneurs Start-Up Incubation

An Amazing Project For Amazing People!  YOU can be part of the Sydney Start-Up Community!

Read on for more information on

  • The Incubator Project
  • An Idea of what it will be like
  • Info on our partners ENYA, ATP and HUB
  • Info on Dream Internship
  • Interns that should apply
  • Cost
  • Timing
  • Process
  • Benefits
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Details

The Incubation Project:

3 Businesses, 3 Interns and a Program Manager will come together in one space of collaboration and growth as one awesome team.

  •  We share one office in the CBD or Haymarket.
  • The Program Managers set up the team and administer two 90 day plans that will be reviewed monthly.
  • The aim is that all 3 start-ups and all 3 interns will leverage off each others experience, networks, and knowledge, with the magic of thinking big.
  • This leadership program will blow your mind! – With our combined forces, we will grow 3 Sydney Start Ups  with the power of one team.

To give you an idea of what it will be like:

(examples only)

  • One Business Mentor and one intern will be in charge of all the businesses social media and brief the others in our weekly meetings.
  •  All start-ups will have access to a business administration intern that can help with system creation and office management.
  •  An IT project Management intern will review all websites, make suggestions and improve the sites.
  •  A communications intern will create corporate videos, testimonials and promotion material.
  • All business owners will spend at least 1 hour on 1-on-1 consultation with at least 1 intern per week.
  • Project Managers will be available to mentor interns and assist business owners with project and people management.

A bit about ENYA – Enterprise Network of Young Australians


The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) is a not for profit organisation run by young people, for young people.

ENYA supports and promotes the active participation of young people in enterprise, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

ENYA believes that not only does youth enterprise impact on employment, business acumen, workplace opportunities and financial independence amongst young people; it also encourages young people to become active, innovative, creative and socially responsible citizens.


A bit about Dream Internship

Dream Internship Australia (DIA) create internships, mentoring and management programs that build confidence and collaboration among youth and organisations.

Their customised programs suit the candidate and the organisation, which help them manage expectations and experience, mentored by a vastly experienced team with esteemed backgrounds in education management, business operations, human resources and psychology.

While bridging the gap between individuals, countries, cultures and mind sets, DIA integrate people across the globe.


Interns that can be part of this amazing project:


1. Social Media & Digital Marketing intern – 3-5 days per week

Do you have a knack for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Adwords, blogging and building a digital community? Would you like to help build Australia’s biggest online community and resource for young entrepreneurs? Then we want you!


2. Business Administration & Marketing Intern 3-5 days per week

Have you had some experience working in an office before? Are you a natural sales person? Are you keen to work in a business that supports young entrepreneurs and soak up as much knowledge as possible? We want you!


3. Accounting and Finance Intern – 3-5 days per week

Do you have a knack for numbers, a strategic mind, an eye for details and and want to be part of building financial models for up and coming start ups in Sydney? Then we want you!


4. Business Administration & HR Intern 3-5 days per week

Do you have a people focus, like building relationships and know how to collaborate with various kinds of individuals? Does it sound like fun to manage teams and make sure your team is happy and cohesive? We want you!


5. IT and Web Development (GD) Intern – 3-5 days per week

Do you find that you spend most your time online, learning how to manage the web, figuring out what new cool tech is on the market? Can you write code, plan projects, and manage a computer with great skill? Then we want you!


6. Communications: PR, Journalism, Film, Creative, Marketing Intern 3-5 days per week

Do you have a creative flair, a keen interest for stories and a digital tech savvy know how? Can you manage a camera from the scene or behind the scene? We want you!


Cost to interns

Interns will receive a considerable amount of training from several business owners and business coaches during the 6 month program

Description Cost Payment
8 week Mentoring Program $1000 On Program Commencement
6 Month Internship Admin Fee $1500 On Program Commencement
Application Fee (Non-Refundable) $250 On Application
Total $2750 Total
Earlybird Discount $300 Student Discount $200 $2750-$500 Total: $2750


Timing (ongoing)


Action Date
Program Commencement September 15 Commence monthly payments
Interview Session September 1
Final Application Date August 24 Pay Program Engagement Fees/ Application Fee


Action Date
Program Commencement October 15 Commence monthly payments
Interview Session October 1
Final Application Date September 24 Pay Program Engagement Fees/ Application Fee


Action Date
Program Commencement November 15 Commence monthly payments
Interview Session November 1
Final Application Date October 24 Pay Program Engagement Fees/ Application Fee


Action Date
Program Commencement December 15 Commence monthly payments
Interview Session December 1
Final Application Date November 24 Pay Program Engagement Fees/ Application Fee


Action Date
Program Commencement February 15 Commence monthly payments
Interview Session February 1
Final Application Date January 24 Pay Program Engagement Fees/ Application Fee


Process for Interns

Step 1: Register Interest Online / Program Application
Step 2: Pre-Screening interview to determine which program is suitable

Step 3: Sign Up & Pay Application Fee
Step 4: Internship Offer, Program Commencement, + Full Program Fees
Step 5: Logistics, Visa Processing, Confirm Travel Arrangements if applicable
Step 6: Internship Orientation session / determine project outline

Step 7: Continuous Networking Events and Mentoring Sessions

Step 8: Debrief and Certificate of Achievement


Benefits to Interns

  • Opportunity to develop to their fullest which leads to greater job and career satisfaction.
  • Opportunity to build on their elementary and natural skills.
  • Opportunity to work in a positive work environment.
  • Support to Self actualisation.
  • Opportunity to shine when given trust and responsibility.

Contact: Sophia Demetriades

e-mail: info@dreaminternship.com.au

skype: sophiademetriades1 or dreaminternship




abn: 62 137 501 583




Our Philosophy

Our Vision is to inspire a more efficient and healthy workforce through education, innovation and action.

Our Purpose is to make sure that everyone involved apply their skill set to the internship process and experience and thus learn as much as possible.

Our Mission is to connect high performing individuals and organisations to their shared successful future.

Our Goal is to provide the most efficient & mutually beneficial program & environment for all our clients and partners.



Dream Internship Program Outline

(please follow each link to read about the programs)

3. Entrepreneurship Start-Up Incubation Program

4. Mentoring Programs

1. Local Australian Internship Programs (Onshore Applicants)

2. Australian Internship Programs (Off Shore Applicants)

5. Let’s Go To Indian Internship Programs

6. CLimbing Kilimanjaro Africa Internship Programs

7. A Summer in Italy Internship Programs

8. Do Business in China Internship Programs

9. Dream Ambassador Program

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