DIA.209. Dream Ambassador

We are always interested to work with passionate people who want to make a difference for the international student community. If you are interested in social media, student events, business networking and making international friends, join our ambassador program and also receive access to our network of employers, mentoring program resources and our world wide team.


The primary purpose of Dream Internship Ambassador is to develop relationships beyond the Dream Internship network and

  1. Share your networks
  2. Promote Dream Internship – Customer Relationships
  3. Give feedback to Dream Internship of how you can best support the business
  4. Support the mentoring program and the implementation of Dream Internship Learning
  5. Support the establishment of external relations
  6. Improve stakeholder relationships
  7. Attend Team Meetings
  8. Attend external events as a Dream Internship Ambassador

Ambassadors build bridges of communication and create goodwill and trust between Dream Internship and external stakeholders in order to help external and internal stakeholders.


  1. Access to Dream Internship networks, mentoring program, team and future job opportunities
  2. Develop relationships with key Dream Internship stakeholders around the world
  3. Access to Dream Internship Training Days and material
  4. More exposure to employers and visibility in the dream Internship Environment
  5. Personal and professional growth
  6. Gain additional knowledge in networking, job hunting and personal development
  7. Opportunity to help other students and stakeholders
  8. Opportunity to improve communication skills
  9. Be part of a team that works together to build a successful Gen Y community


  1. Accepted into the program by the director
  2. Must complete the mentoring course on their own time
  3. Serve as Ambassador in your region or geographical area
  4. Attend all training courses available
  5. Act as a representative of Dream Internship and assist the Dream Team
  6. Schedule a weekly check in with your director or manager
  7. Help directors or managers grow the business community
  8. Assist with orientation days, events, online social media management
  9. Attend team meetings as required
  10. Meet and communicate with your director or manager regularly
  11. Understand that this is a volunteer position that is not directly remunerated in any way


  • Optimistic attitude
  • Learning attitude
  • Ability to influence, listen, and build relationships, show interest in others
  • Well organised manager
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Thrive under pressure, multi task yet focus
  • Have a keen interest and understanding of Personal Development
  • Excellent Admin skills including Microsoft Office and maybe some Photoshop
  • Lived in a different country is an advantage
  • High level trust and integrity
  • Excellent time and stress management
  • Ability to complete tasks, especially in a timely manner
  • Experience with or ability to learn and operate new computer software in a speedy  manner
  • Understanding of organisational trust, confidentiality, appropriate behaviours, policies and procedures.
  • Proven ability to show professionalism towards clients and colleagues
  • Professional and sophisticated personal presentation
  • Interest in learning and understanding all aspects of the business and it’s clients.
  • Sociable person able to connect quickly with different types of people

Dream Internship Program Outline

(please follow each link to read about the programs)

3. Entrepreneurship Start-Up Incubation Program

4. Mentoring Programs

1. Local Australian Internship Programs (Onshore Applicants)

2. Australian Internship Programs (Off Shore Applicants)

5. Let’s Go To Indian Internship Programs

6. CLimbing Kilimanjaro Africa Internship Programs

7. A Summer in Italy Internship Programs

8. Do Business in China Internship Programs

9. Dream Ambassador Program

Dream Internship Ambassador Program for Interns

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